Our Story

House Of Success

Established in 2008, Maison Global is an Australian company with a strong domestic and international presence. The core objective of our professional team is to provide consistent services with solid client commitment and professional accountability. As a result, Maison Global has assisted clients to trade and manage over AU$1Billion worth of assets.

Our team is one of Maison Global’s competitive advantages. The team constitutes graduates from world renowned academic institutions, as well as seasoned professionals with over 30 years of experience from a vast range of professional backgrounds, such as real estate sales and leasing, property marketing, banks, finance, engineering, project management, and accounting services. This combination allows us to draw on experience from around the industry creating a dynamic yet balanced structure.

Thanks to the successful continuous growth, Maison Global has realigned our vision for a new milestone. While persisting to commit our service to individual clients, Maison Global has achieved numerous positive results for many International Corporations through providing land and asset acquisition consultancy services such as development sites, projects, hotels and shopping centres etc.

We understand that international business deals not only cross borders, they also cross cultures. We break through negotiation barriers by the understanding of Eastern and Western values and customs. Our language advantages and working knowledge of different cultures minimise unpleasant surprises, give us insights in advance, and empower us to interact successfully on negotiations.

Maison Global’s portfolio is continuing to grow at a fast pace. Our proven results and refined services ensure our commitment in your returns. We welcome you to join us in our House of Success.