Our Services

Expert Sales Professionals

Our experienced licensed sales professionals have professional qualifications backed by decades of industry experience and up to date with the latest market trend.  We are here to help you make better decisions and achieve the best outcomes within a defined timeline.

Strong Performance with Proven Results

Our strong sales performance is supported by our track record of long term top sales achievements. We take a results driven approach with a strategic process.

Quality and Loyal Customer Base

We only offer well structured and quality investment opportunities selected from a pool of projects for all our clients. As a result we have accumulated high end investors that have invested with us on multiple investments.

Well Known and Reputable by Major Developers

We have a strong co-operative relationship with major Australian developers established over many years of collaborations. This ensures our offers are quality, low risk with better returns.

Licensed Professional Management Team

Our accredited and licensed property management team has years of experience to provide investors with professional services as well as a responsive service for their tenants

Maximise Investment Return

Our property management team combines a wide range of experience across different industries and disciplines. We are well connected to the fast evolving leasing market to create better capitalisation on any investment.

Consistent and Reliable Service

We offer a standardised approach that enables us to be consistent and attentive. This creates better efficiency and creates a hassle-free experience for owners and tenants.

Quick Response to Landlord and Tenants issues

We understand the importance of a well executed leasing strategy, good property management and attention to tenant expectations. Our goal is to offer efficient services to both landlords and tenants.

Land Acquisition Networking

We are always engaged with land owners and government entities to access all land availabilities in the market. Once a land is identified in a desirable location, we thoroughly conduct site investigations and due diligence. We have successfully accomplished many site acquisition projects through our well established active network.

Due Diligence and Risk Management

We manage risk by well designed feasibility study model, comprehensive due diligence report, accurate and realistic market trends prediction, and systematic project progression management.  Our end to end service and familiarity of the industry enable us to have a full perspective from the very outset.

Seasoned Project Management Team

With many decades of project management experience, our project manager, architect, engineer, quantity surveyor, financial accountant have developed leading project planning and budget control capability. Each project is unique, we tailor our solutions to reflect this recognition through smart solutions for tendering, scheduling, procurement, delivery management and contract and government liaison.

Strategic Marketing and Pricing System

With a thorough understanding of each project’s uniqueness, development aspirations, the customer market and the competitive landscape, our strategic marketing goal is to maximise positive benefits for the developers. Our marketing strategy aims to differentiate our products by capitalising on its strengths to provide better value.

Pricing is one of the most important factors in the marketing mix.  Our thorough understanding of the real estate market and involvement in numerous projects achieving one of the highest sales records in the industry allows us to have a better insight to investor requirements. We have developed our unique pricing system to combine developer and investor interests and find a balanced pricing guide that generate profitability and investor acceptance.

Customised Advisory to Exceed Expectations

We understand that each investor has different needs and expectations. We ensure that we assess each individual’s financial situation independently and provide realistic analysis with achievable outcomes.  We endeavour not to only meet these expectations but go beyond them.

Periodic Personal Finances Review

We are always up to date with new changes to financial policies and government regulations. Our assessment team reviews these changes and seek amendments to your financial products to maintain a healthy financial outcome.

Maintain Optimum Loan Serviceability

We promptly provide new solutions to our clients to maximise the benefits of the loan to reduce costs and ensuring clients’ financial sustainability.

Strong Working Partnership with Major Banks

We collaborate with major Australian banks and financial institutions to service the financial needs of our clients. Our clients has secured and benefited from over AU$700 million worth of loans through our services.

Up to Date Market Trend

Our analysts are well informed with the latest market trend. We combine our industry experience with credible sources to gain a realistic perspective.

Official Information Source

Utilise data sourced from reputable organisations and government entities ensure the accuracy of information and outcome of analysis. Our analysts carefully assess the credibility of the source and cross check the facts to satisfy our strict referencing criteria.

Experts with Rich Industrial Experience

The multi disciplinary team comprises data collectors, analysts and real estate experts that have many years of active industry engagement that allow us to provide enhanced analytical services.

Reliable Marketing and Pricing Consultancy

Maison Global’s reputation is a priceless asset given by leading developers. Our market and pricing planning services are highly respected and trusted by top major property developers in Australia. Our experts collaborate with the developer’s project pricing team to provide pricing analytical services to formulate final pricing decisions.

One Point Contact

Our clients have access to all our services through our overseas office. We provide personal one on one point of contact assistance ensuring our services are consistent and personalised.

Sustained Full After Service Support

Property investment consists of many correlated services than simply making sales. We help clients to navigate every step of the transaction and we take an extra step to assist our clients with other functions that is beyond our scope of service. Although these services increase our cost of operation, we provide such complimentary assistance to decrease the stress and confusion of foreign property investment for our clients.

Long Established Overseas Office

Established in 2008, Maison Global is one of the first Australian real estate companies in China dedicated to servicing overseas investors through our Beijing office. Since establishment, Maison Global has endured through turbulent economic cycles and intense overseas competition, but has emerged as one of the biggest and most successful Australian real estate companies abroad. This is a testament of our professional services and responsibility we have towards our clients.

Well Trained and Experienced Local Staff

Whatever your need, our professional and experienced overseas staff takes pride in their knowledge as our local Australian staffs. We have a consistent training program and periodic conferences to provide information and knowledge sharing.  We will work closely to ensure we meet your expectations wherever we operate.